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Mar 22, 2020
As many other companies have already shared with you, Covid-19 runs the risk of having an impact on our supply lines and production. For Simple Loose Leaf this means that our partners at Bost, the developmental work center might have to shut down operations for the safety of the people they serve. But Bost is far ahead of the curve on safety already due to the audience they serve. For several years now Bost has been using a hospital-grade fog based disinfecting system in their facility. This was used to combat the spread of flu amongst their community. And with Covid-19 they are continuing to use their current procedures along with additional procedures to reduce the risk of community spread, such as limiting the facility and having high-risk members of their community stay home. For Simple Loose Leaf's office, we have implemented a work from home policy and will support our staff as needed to ensure they can take care of all aspects of their lives. How this impacts tea moving forward:

Short Term

  1. Our tea shipping schedule will be the same over the next few weeks. But if there is an extended closure period, 3+ weeks, then the May 1st shipment could be impacted with a delay.
  2. If you are being displaced during these events, primarily impacting college students that are going home, please update your address or contact us to update your address. Due to the risk of closures, we will not be in a position to reship packages to customers that aren't at their on-file shipping address.
    1. To update your address you can go HERE
    2. Add the address to your account
    3. Then assign the address to the membership (Important)
    4. Due before March 23rd

Long Term

  1. If Covid-19 goes into the summer months with extreme long term closures of shipping partners, production and packaging partners, and supplies then we could start to see substantial delays in packages being able to be produced and delivered. If that situation arises Simple Loose Leaf will figure out the best way to ensure that customers get the teas they have purchased.
  2. The final issue that could impact Simple Loose Leaf is how this virus could impact tea production worldwide. Tea is a harvested plant that must be picked during specific times to ensure specific characteristics of the end product and if that window is missed the tea is commonly not picked. This could cause a substantial increase in the price of tea and the availability of some teas. We won't know what this situation looks like for many months to come but it may impact what tea Simple Lose Leaf is able to carry and feature.
If you have purchased a membership for someone that is going to be displaced from their current mailing address, please contact us about updating their address. And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us with them.

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