Festive Halloween Tea Party Ideas

Oct 27, 2020
This post may contain affiliate links. Simple Loose Leaf is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.com. With Halloween holidays just around the corner, it’s time to plan a proper tea party. Social distancing doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in a theme tea party, even if the party includes only one person - you. Check out these 10 ideas how to make Halloween tea parties more amusing and spooky.

1. Choose the best motives

The most popular Halloween motives are pumpkins, spiders, spider’s web, eyeballs and spooky Halloween skeletons. If you can’t find them in shops near you, find free printable motives and cut them out from thicker paper. Place them all over the table, beneath your teaware.

2. The pumpkin

What would a Halloween be without pumpkins? Every tea party table deserves one. Get into a creative mood with a cup of Pumpkin Spice Black or Pumpkin Spice Herbal tea and dedicate some time for carving it out. Place some small pumpkins around the table/room and the main pumpkin in the middle.

3. Tea ware and utensils

Orange and black saucers and white cups are a great choice for any Halloween tea time, especially if you want the color of your tea to stand out. Choose white or glass cups if you are serving regular tea, or black cups if you are serving drinks like Rooibos Blood Iced tea. Want to take it a step further? Serve tea shots in syringes or test tubes. Make sure to play with colors too. Find themed teapots, such as witch’s brew or pumpkin teapot. If those are not available, you can use a simple plain white teapot and decorate with a washable paint. 

4. Pay attention to colors

To get the right mood, colors matter too. Choose orange and black, black and white and grey and white colors. Organize your Halloween party in the late afternoon or evening and create the right mood by turning off the lights and using candles instead.

5. The best teas to drink

Halloween needs special teas, too. Leave delicate, floral and refreshing flavors for regular tea times, and choose spices, pumpkin spice teas, intense fruity and strong black teas enriched by spices. Rooibos is the one of the best teas for a Halloween themed party because it has a rich, intense dark red color and a flavor strong enough to be blended with many other ingredients. Check out these ideas for some frightfully good drinks here.

6. Try a tea roulette.

Tea roulette can make every tea party more fun. Prepare a cup of tea per guest. Place pure rooibos tea leaves in a cotton tea bag. Add a few chilli pods into one of them. The hotter you make it, the better. Brew the tea and serve.

7. The best Halloween tea party decorations

Who wouldn’t resist a cup of tea with false teeth at the bottom. A little bit of spiderweb will make every table a bit spookier. They are available in many shops and can be stretched across the whole table. Alternatively, use large cotton balls or a cotton wool roll and carefully stretch it. Halloween tea party pumpkin and spiders web 

8. Make your own simple witch brew

To make the easiest (and purest) possible witches brew, you can use green tea only. The best type? Sencha blended with matcha tea powder. Result? Intensely green color and delicious pure tea flavor. You can serve it hot or iced. Decorate the cups or glasses with Halloween motives. A hanging spider is always welcomed.

9. The best food to serve

No tea party is ever complete without some savory snacks and cookies. Make marshmallow ghosts to accompany Halloween lattes by adding a huge marshmallow on a wooden skewer and add the eyes with black food coloring. Get the Halloween molds and use them to cut the flat bread, cheese and ham. If those are not available, the simplest shapes to cut with a knife are tombstones and ghosts.

10. Drink decorations

Choose the cup decorations depending on the thickness and color of your drinks. For example, decorate your pumpkin pie spice lattes with plastic decorations, spiders or a pair of eyes because they are light enough to float on the foam. For drinks without a foam, place decorations on a skewer or attach them on the rim of the cup. Of course, don’t forget to dress up appropriate too. Every Halloween party deserves guests in Halloween costumes, too. Happy Halloween!

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