How to Make Tea Taste Better: 20 Ways to Add Better Flavor (Not Sugar!)

Nov 8, 2019
Have you ever made a cup of tea that didn’t taste so great, even though you were following the brewing guidelines? Some loose leaf tea just doesn’t taste that great. Regardless is it because you really cannot get used to the taste, or the quality of the tea might not be as expected, or maybe it’s past expiry date. Whichever the reasons, you may enhance the flavor and make every tea taste better.


Make Tea Taste Better: 20 Flavors to Add

Improve taste of Hot Tea

  1. Add lemon and lemongrass for a freshness

Lemon is a traditional tea condiment that may fix the flavor of almost any tea, including over-brewed unpleasantly tasting green teas. Lemongrass is will add even more freshness and deliciousness.
  1. Or cinnamon and ginger for a festive touch

Cinnamon and ginger can turn any black or green tea into a festive drink.
  1. Use simple cardamom to make a traditional drink

Simple cardamom can make any regular black tea into a magical spicy drink. You can drink it with or without milk.
  1. Make your tea blend pretty with flowers

You can blend rose, lavender, jasmine, osmanthus or chrysanthemum into any real tea type to enhance the flavor. As all of them have strong scent and flavor, start with only a few dry blossoms or petals until you find your desired flavor.
  1. Enhance pure leaves with your favorite fruit blend

Try making flavored green tea at home. Options for blending pure green, black, oolong, pu’erh or white tea leaves with your fruit tea blends are countless. This way you are likely to keep the flavor of fruits dominant, while still enjoying the benefits of real teas.
  1. Add a natural sweetener

If you love drinking sweet tea, choose natural sweeteners with zero calories. Stevia or licorice root may add a lot of sweetness to any cup.
  1. Reduce the bitterness with milk

Milk may reduce the bitterness of the over-brewed black tea. You can even use milk with other tea types, especially if they are strong, bitter and unpleasant to drink. Even with some herbal tea.
  1. Roast it before brewing

You can use a dry, clean saucepan to lightly roast your loose leaves. This technique works well for leaves that lost flavor and freshness.
  1. Add cream instead of milk

Cream may give an extra thickness to your tea and works great with strong malty black teas.
  1. Spike it up for special occasions

Many teas can be mixed with alcohol. If you are in the mood for the most traditional spiked tea in the world, try rum with English or Irish breakfast tea.
  1. Make it into an immunity boosting drink with flavored vitamin powder

Add a teaspoon of your favorite flavored vitamin powder or a dissolving tablet. Citrus flavors go well with any type of tea.
  1. Add apple juice to get into a holiday mood

Apple juice can change any black tea from ordinary into a holiday mood boosting drink in a second. Add cinnamon for an extra touch.

Make Iced Tea taste good

  1. Add fruit juice

The best flavors? Pineapple, passion fruit and rose hip.
  1. Add fruit syrup

A teaspoon of fruit syrup will not only give sweetness, but make any tea taste exactly as you wish.
  1. Add mint

Mint can make any tea taste better and fresher. Only a few leaves will be enough for a whole pitcher. Read about the benefits of peppermint tea here.
  1. Mix with milk

Use milk instead of water to make iced tea latte.
  1. Add basil

Basil is the second best aromatic herb you can add to your tea after mint. It goes well with both green and black tea.
  1. Add rose

Rose petals will bring a dose of elegance to any iced tea, white, oolong, green or black. You can use rose water too.
  1. Mix with sparkling water

For a bubbly sensation make your iced tea using sparkling water.
  1. Or with cream soda

Or, choose a cream soda for a creamy flavor and texture.

How to make green tea taste better, hot or cold

  1. Brew it in a different way

If you don’t like the taste of your green tea, try brewing tea differently. If you are always using western brewing technique, switch to a multiple infusion technique with very short steep times. Learn how to brew green tea here.
  1. Use fresh water

When boiling, water loses oxygen and may make your tea taste flat and uninteresting. Use fresh water every time you brew green tea.
  1. Pay attention to water temperature

If you always brew your tea for 2+ minutes, never use water hotter than 176°F.
  1. Avoid tap water

Tap water will make tea murky, too mineral and mask all delicate notes of tea. Spring water will always make the best cup of green tea.
  1. Avoid old metal or plastic infusers

Never use old dirty infusers, especially those that don’t smell good. They will ruin any delicate tea.

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