Best Iced Oolong Tea Recipe

Jul 27, 2020
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How to make cold oolong tea

The fastest way to make cold oolong tea is by brewing a cup of hot tea and adding ice. You can make a more concentrated drink, then dilute it with water, or add plenty of ice into a hot tea. Using a shaker is great for this method. If you want to cold brew iced tea instead, steep tea in the fridge overnight using cold water. Oolong tea may need more time to release flavor than green tea. Add more loose tea leaves too. Use about 1-2 spoons of tea leaves per 1 liter of cold water. For iced oolong tea, loose leaf is better than tea bags. Oolong is famous for incredibly strong and unique flavor that’s released throughout multiple infusions.

Simple Iced tea recipe

You will need:
  • 3-5 grams of oolong tea leaves
  • Sugar or honey (optional)
  • Just below one cup of water
  • Ice
  1. Bring fresh spring water to a boil and let it cool to 194-203°F.
  2. Add tea leaves into a teapot. You can use linen pouches too. Avoid ball shaped or spoon infusers because they won’t allow tea leaves to expand fully. Tea leaves need space to expand and release flavor.
  3. Pour hot water over tea leaves and steep for 3-5 minutes
  4. Fill the glass with ice.
  5. Strain the tea leaves and pour the tea into a glass.
  6. Add sweetener, stir and serve.

Check out these 5 easy summer DIY recipes. Morning's oolong iced tea

Simple iced tea with Morning's oolong

Best oolong teas for making iced tea

Oolong tea can have a whole range of flavors – from delicate floral and green notes, to a creamy milky flavor and robust roasted taste. If you like green iced tea, greener oolongs may be a great choice. However, they will often have a much more delicate flavor. Flavored green oolong teas may be a great choice too.
  1. Red Robe oolong

    One of the most popular Chinese oolongs, Red Robe oolong, has so much flavor that it tastes great both hot and cold, and even with milk. If you want to make a delicious iced frappe, this is a tea to choose. Bold, sweet and nutty.

Red Robe oolong tea from Fujian

Red Robe oolong tea from Fujian

  1. Northern Garden

    This unusual blend of uncommon berries – Schizandra and Hawthorne - rosemary and Ti Kwan Yin oolong tea tastes delicious, both hot and cold. This tea tastes delicious when steeped overnight in cold water, with a few extra fresh berries and fresh rosemary. Serve over ice. What is Ti Kwan Yin tea? Read here.

Northern Garden oolong tea with berries and rosemary

  1. Morning’s oolong

    With hints of lemon and basil, and a dark nutty oolong base, this tea is perfect for summer iced drinks. Add more flavor by adding slices of freshly cut lemon and a few basil leaves.

Morning's Oolong tea

  1. Orange Blossom

    Green ball-shaped oolongs usually taste better when hot-brewed, but Orange Blossom is another exception. This tea is more delicate than other oolongs, so add a bit more leaves and make sure not to over-brew it.

Orange Blossom Oolong tea

Orange Blossom Oolong tea

  1. Formosa oolong tea

    This dark Taiwanese oolong tea has a peach undertone and is a great substitute for a regular peach black tea if you want to enjoy the benefits of both green and black teas. It’s brisk, nutty, smooth and high in caffeine. Read more about Formosa oolong teas here.

Formosa Oolong tea

Formosa Oolong tea from Taiwan

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