Monks Blend Tea Guide

Jan 20, 2021
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What’s in monks blend tea?

Unlike English Breakfast or Earl Grey, Monks Blend is not a classical tea blend, even though it’s usually made from classic types of tea. There are many different Monk’s Blend teas available, and each of them will be a bit different. Some are made from pure teas, some are scented with calendula petals, some contain vanilla, some are even scented with essential oils. So what do they all share? While Monk’s Blend is not a traditional blend, it’s usually made with classic and traditional teas, blended to offer a perfectly soothing, balanced cup with enough caffeine to focus. Unlike strong and robust blends, Monk’s Blend will usually be gentle, but strong, and full or medium bodied. While Monk’s Blend teas are not ancient, monks always had, and still have, a very strong connection with tea. In fact, long time ago, many monasteries were producing tea, and monks depended on tea to stay awake, focused and calm during long periods of meditation. So, is Monks Blend tea good for the soul? Most certainly. Monks Blend are crafted to offer a very relaxing cup, with medium to high caffeine content. Next, tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that provides a calming effect. Unlike coffee, tea is able to provide more sustained energy.

Caffeine Content

Caffeine content in each blend will depend on the ingredients. Expect medium to high caffeine content. Some blends contain strong Assam teas, some are made with gentler Darjeeling. Monk’s Blend teas are almost always made with black tea leaves. Black teas are likely to contain a higher caffeine content than green teas.

What does monks tea taste like?

Every Monk’s Blend will taste different Blends with calendula petals, vanilla and grenadine will have a sweeter flavor with light floral notes. Blends made with pure black teas are likely to be smooth, with a flavor that is milder than a cup of breakfast blend, and usually very complex. Check the ingredient list before deciding which tea to buy. It will give you a good idea what to expect.

Benefits of drinking this tea

Monk’s Blend teas are mostly made from black teas. They contain caffeine, smaller amounts of amino acid L-theanine, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Drinking black tea may help boost immune system[1], reduce the risk of cancer[2], help protect the brain against different brain diseases such as Parkinson’s[3] and Alzheimer’s disease[4], increase focus and alertness, have a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels[5] and may help aid in weight loss[6]

Best Monk’s Blend Tea to Try

There are two main types of Monk’s Blend. One is blended with black tea leaves and calendula petals and sometimes flavored with vanilla and other ingredients. They have a sweeter flavor and contain calendula petals. Calendula or marigold has been used for centuries for its calming and soothing properties. If you are choosing flavored Monk’s Blend tea, pick naturally flavored ones. The other type is a pure black tea blend that contains more than two types of black tea. Ours organic Monks Blend is a blend of four classic teas. It brings the best of four unique tea growing regions into a bold and cunning cup, while respecting every flavor nuance in each of them. The maltiness of Assam, the light tannic astringency of muscatel Darjeeling, the unique aromatic notes of Nilgiri and intriguing smokiness and chocolate notes of Keemun. This tea has a very complex flavor, with dozens of flavor nuances that together, give a smooth, relaxing, focus boosting, very enjoyable cup.Monks Blend black tea blend

Organic Monk's Blend black tea blend   

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It’s not intended to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Every person is different and may react to different herbs and teas differently. Never use teas or herbs to treat serious medical conditions on your own. Always seek professional medical advice before choosing home remedies.


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