Top 5 Teas to Drink Nice and Hot!

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Whether you are looking to expand your tea drinking habit, or you are hoping to switch over from drinking too much soda or energy drinks, we have five teas that you are going to love. And the best part is that you can enjoy these teas hot! If you are brewing them with loose leaf tea, you will not even need to add any milk, sugar or cream, as these teas are going to pack a punch when it comes to flavor and aroma.

  1. – Oolong Tea

One of the most popular teas in China, Oolong is a delicious alternative to the beverages you are currently consuming. When you prepare oolong with loose tea leaves, you will not only active all its health benefits, but the incredible floral overtones and creamy flavor will come through. Dong Ding is one of the best varieties of Oolong, and it has a bright green look along with incredible vegetal notes.

  1. – Black Tea

Everyone knows about black tea – it is what we can commonly buy at the supermarket as tea bags. However, we will not be using tea bags, because we prefer the flavor that you get with loose leaf tea. Black tea may not sound as exotic as oolong, but there are so many great varieties. For instance, Keemun black tea is going to provide the aroma of an orchid, along with the subtle taste of dark chocolate! And then we get the incredible caffeine content of black tea, and you have the perfect beverage to enjoy in the morning or when you need an afternoon pick me up.

  1. – White Tea

White tea is the least processed tea you are going to find on the marketplace. It originates in China, and is only picked during a certain time of the year. The tea’s shoots are withered, and then they dry to ensure there is minimal oxidation. This results in a very delicate flavor and aroma, which tea drinkers are going to appreciate. If you want something that you can enjoy in the evening or at night, white tea is the perfect beverage. Sometimes you can get flavors like bamboo, almonds or even asparagus in your white tea!

  1. – Green Tea

We often think of green tea as something you use to lose weight, but it is a wonderful tea in its own right. Since Green tea is oxidized a lot, you will get a lot of color when you are brewing this beverage with loose leaves. When you buy green tea leaves that originated from China, you are getting all the advantages of the unique preparation process they put the leaves through. This process results in flavors such as citrus coming into the tea, along with a smoky quality that sets it apart from all other teas.

  1. – Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea is the most oxidized out of all the teas on this list. In the same way that you would ferment wine, pu-erh leaves are fermented with bacteria as they age. It is a special process that must be done correctly, as you do not want the tea leaves to develop mold. When done right, the result of brewing pu-erh tea from loose leaf tea is a beverage with such incredible, hearty flavors.

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