Best Adult Tea Beverage Recipes Part 1

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Best Adult Tea Beverage Recipes Part 1


Everyone loves a good cup of tea when they are back home after a long day’s work. In the winter, a cup of warm tea hits just right, while a refreshing glass of iced tea in the summer is one of the best beverages you can consume. Not only is tea so good for you, but it is refreshing and the caffeine gives you just the right energy boost. But what if you want to take your tea up to another level? Adding some alcohol into the mix will accomplish that! Here are four of the best adult tea beverage recipes around.


  1. Bourbon Iced Tea

The concept is very simple – you are going to combine your favorite iced tea with your favorite Bourbon! Use loose leaf tea to brew your tea, then chill it with some ice cubes until it reaches your preferred temperature. Sweeten it if you wish, but the best loose tea leaves have so much flavor that sweetener is not even necessary. Then you can add a shot or two of bourbon and your delicious Bourbon Iced Tea is ready to consume!


  1. Spiked Raspberry Sweet Tea

Boil your water, add in your favorite loose tea leaves and let them steep for anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. When the steeping is complete, remove the loose tea leaves and add in some sugar to sweeten your tea. You can also add some raspberries now to give it a great fruity flavor. Then you can mix in your vodka and ice, creating the most beautiful and delicious spiked raspberry sweet tea! If you want to get even more flavor from this drink, choose your favorite brank of raspberry flavored vodka. The drink would work well with any fruity flavor, such as peach, pineapple or orange.


  1. Sweet Tea Lemonade Mojitos

By combining delicious sweet tea, lemonade, vodka and mint leaves, you can have the best mojito ready to serve within minutes. Ideally, brew your tea ahead of time with loose tea leaves, letting it child in the fridge for when you are ready to serve. You can sweeten your tea when it is first brewed, as the sugar will easily dissolve in the warmer tea. When you are ready to drink, combine equal parts tea with lemonade, and add a shot or two of your favorite vodka. Garnish with mint leaves and ice, and you are ready to serve!


  1. Earl Grey Cocktail

If you have earl grey tea leaves, gin and some lemon juice on hand, you are ready to create this perfect cocktail. Brew a big batch of your earl grey tea, and sweeten it if you like. Place it in the fridge for a couple of hours, so it is nice and chilled when you are ready to make your cocktails. Add six ounces of the Earl Grey tea, two ounces of gin, half an ounce of lime juice and some honey into a cocktail shaker, along with some ice. Give it a good shake and serve in a cocktail glass!

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