Boost Your Immune System with Herbal Tea

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Improve your immune system and help your body fight infections and ailments

A strong immune system is vital and will help you fight diseases. Without a resilient immune system, we may become weak and may be at risk to contracting a greater amount of diseases. Furthermore, if we contract any illnesses, we may find it harder to fight them, and irritants like a simple cold may last for weeks on end. This problem is compounded for people who take immune-suppressing drugs, for example, those individuals who have an active transplant. There is a myriad of different ways that you can boost your immune system, one of which is by drinking regular doses of Herbal Tea. If you require a boost and are feeling weak, why not give these fantastic Herbal teas a try?

Dandelion Tea – This form of plant is often considered to be a weed but Dandelion actually has a range of health benefits. Dandelion Herbal Tea contains a great variety of beneficial compounds and nutrients which can reduce the number of toxins in our body and as a result improve our immune system.

Chamomile Tea – Another wonderful type of Herbal tea, Chamomile is one of those ingredients that has long been known to provide different health benefits. This plant contains various compounds that can help improve the production of white blood cells that are vital for the function and ability of our immune system.

Pichorhiza – This little-known herb originates from the Himalayas and is used in various Herbal medicines. Pichorhiza roots are used in Herbal Teas and can stimulate the production of white blood cells and chemicals that fight infections.

These three variants of Herbal Tea all have fantastic immune system boosting properties and when consumed daily, can make a great difference.

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