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How does this famous blend of Black Tea taste and what flavors does it exhibit?

Earl Grey Tea is an immensely popular form of fragrant tea that originates from England and was first created during the 1800’s and is named after a former British Prime Minister – Charles Grey. Despite this fact, Earl Grey is still produced using leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant which is native to Asia and originates from the Yunnan province. This wonderful variety of Black Tea offers a myriad of health benefits and is generally an enjoyable and refreshing drink. Before buying a sample of Earl Grey Tea, you should consider its taste – What flavors does it exhibit? What aromas and hints can be identified?

The general taste of Earl Grey – Earl Grey as a generalization has a floral taste and has hints of Lemon and malt due to the Bergamot oil additive that is prevalent. While the Bergamot provides the fruity and fresh taste, the Black Tea used can add a darker, smooth side to the tea that compliments the other flavors perfectly. It is this fantastic range of flavors that draw people to Earl Grey and make it such a palatable and endearing drink.

Earl Grey varieties and their differences – While the above flavors are generally prevalent in most types of Earl Grey Tea, many individual flavors and taste exist due to regional variants. Some types of Earl Grey include Lady Gray which has a flavor that is considered subtler. Alternatively, there is the lavender infusion of Earl Grey to add an overt floral flavor alongside the lemon and malt hints. Finally, there is also Earl Green which uses Green tea instead of Black tea and creates a drink that is extremely fresh and light. This huge variety of blends and infusions makes Earl Grey extremely versatile to suit a wide range of tastes.

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