Green Tea for Skin and Complexion

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Forget about moisturizer and ointments – Green Tea instead can help the quality of your skin!

Many different types of tea are available that provide different health benefits. Tea in general is considered to be one of the healthiest drinks available and Green Tea in particular is a supremely healthy option. Green Tea is processed and cultivated in a different manner to other tea types such as Black Tea and White Tea – This gives it a different flavor and a slightly more potent mix of nutrients and chemicals. Green Tea can help improve the quality of your hair and teeth, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Furthermore, it can also help improve your complexion and the quality of your skin. The pointers below are some of the main ways this type of tea will change your skin for the better.

Reduces dark circles around eyes – Many people suffer from tired looking eyes and bags or dark circles – This can be harmful to their confidence. Green Tea when used as a face wash and when consumed on a regular basis can help reduce the appearance of dark and puffy eyes. Green Tea contains antioxidants and tannins which help shrink blood vessels around the eyes and reduce swelling and puffiness.

Improves complexion and skin tone – Green Tea helps to flush out toxins in our skin which can greatly improve our complexion. Toxins can reduce the quality and tone of our skin and slow down the healing process. Drinking Green Tea regularly can give our skin a healthy glow and provide you with smoother skin.

Helps fight acne and skin blemishes – EGCG is a compound present in Green tea that can help fight the effects of acne. Furthermore, Green Tea can also help control certain hormones in our body which as responsible for the production and growth of acne and other skin complaints.

For a simple way of improving the quality of your skin, drinking a daily dose of Green Tea and even using it as a face wash can pay dividends!


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