Green Tea for Your Hair

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Learn how Green Tea can prove beneficial for the quality and appearance of your hair

Is there anything that Green Tea cannot do? It can’t prevent death that’s for sure, but it can prevent a whole host of other ailments and is one of the healthiest drinks available today. In Asian culture, Green Tea is drunk extensively for medicinal purposes and studies have shown that it contains a great deal of important compounds and nutrients that benefit our body. One area of our personal health that Green tea excels in is the quality and appearance of our hair. How is Green Tea beneficial for your hair? How can it contribute to a healthy head of hair that has a fantastic shine and glow?

Antioxidants properties – Green Tea contains a great number of antioxidants which can stimulate and promote hair growth. Furthermore, antioxidants help to maintain the quality of your hair and strengthen it against damage.

Catechins – Green tea also contains Catechins which help prevent DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) – This is a compound that contributes to hair loss. Rinsing your hair with a solution of Green Tea can help prevent hair loss and improve the quality of your bun.

Vitamins and Minerals – Green Tea contains a large number of vitamins, minerals and nutrients – These beneficial chemicals can improve the quality of your hair and give it a fantastic shine. Furthermore, the chemicals will also help provide additional protection to your hair from the environment and sum damage.

While it is still advised to wash your hair on a regular basis, Green tea can be used as an additional form of hair care. Consider drinking Green tea regularly to help improve your personal health and to benefit your hair. You could even try rinsing your hair several times a week with a solution of Green tea to imbibe your hair with its healthy properties.


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