Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

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How can this tasty type of tea improve your personal health and reduce the risk of contracting certain diseases?

Herbal Tea cannot really be classified as one single type or flavor – Herbal Tea is defined as a type of tea that does not contain any actual tea leaves, but instead is created from a variety of herbs, spices, and plants. Herbal Tea has been used for thousands of years and dates back to Ancient Egypt and China. This type of tea is usually supremely healthy and the four examples below show how Herbal Tea can improve your personal health:

Ginger Tea to ease an upset stomach – Ginger is a plant that has a wide array of health benefits. Herbal Tea that contains ginger is perfect to help an upset stomach. Furthermore, ginger tea can help reduce the effects of nausea and motion sickness. Consider drinking a brew of Ginger Herbal Tea after a meal to aid the digestive process.

Rooibos Tea to help prevent disease – Rooibos is another highly beneficial form of Herbal Tea that is mainly grown and created in South Africa. This type of tea contains many antioxidant properties which can help fight disease and signs of aging. Furthermore, Rooibos can also help improve the quality of your skin.

Cleanse your liver with Dandelion tea – Dandelion Herbal tea is a fantastic tasting drink that can also improve the health of our liver. Specifically, Dandelion Tea can air our liver’s regeneration and improve its function.

Boost your immune system with Rosehip tea – Created from the rose plant, Rosehip tea contains a huge amount of Vitamin C which can boost our immune system. Furthermore, Rosehip can also improve our soft tissue health and strength.

Other types of beneficial Herbal tea include Lemon Balm which can improve your mood and Chamomile Tea which has a similar effect to Ginger tea. Why not try several different types of Herbal Tea and see how they improve your own health?

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