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Why do we strive to live healthy lives? Obviously, there are many different reasons we want to be the best we can be. We want to reach our goals, achieve nothing but greatness; we want to live our dreams. Who doesn’t want to grow old and be involved in their grandchildren’s lives? It is crucial to live a positive and healthy lifestyle, regardless of your own, personal reasons for wanting to do so. Exercise, diets, friends, family, careers… they are all factors. One decision that could help you be the best you can be is drinking tea every day.


Tea is the right move!

Something you may not consider when making choices to live a healthier lifestyle is what you drink. What is the beverage that provides the most benefits? The answer is tea! It is all over social media these days. Scrolling through are endless pictures and videos of major celebrities, health gurus, and more promoting and drinking it – and for good reason. Not only is tea simply delicious but it is also extremely good for you! You would not believe the health benefits that can come about making tea a regular choice in your life and drinking tea every day.



Tea around the globe

Although tea has always been a focus on good health on continents such as Asia and Europe, the United States seems to be somewhat less aware of all the benefits that this super-beverage has to offer. There are many different kinds of tea that offer different health benefits. Making a tradition of drinking a different type each day, or even throughout the day, can provide you with a host of these benefits.


Different kinds, different benefits

Green and white teas are two different varieties that that are loaded with antioxidants. Finding whole versions of these strains of tea is most essential, avoiding unwanted sugars or artificial sweeteners. It’s hard to believe a delicious beverage can be loaded with that much goodness. One antioxidant some teas possess is called “catechins”, and are known to be a great tool in aiding the fight in preventing cancer. The less processed tea is, the more of these essential antioxidants are preserved in the brew.


Black tea is another kind that has great health benefits for you. It is loaded with caffeine that can keep you focused and alert. It’s better for your teeth than coffee or sugary energy drinks. Opting for these beverages and drinking tea every day is extremely beneficial in the short and long-term. Some antioxidants found in tea is also is known to protect your lungs from harmful chemicals found in cigarettes and other air-based irritants. Other teas can help lower cholesterol, or prevent weight gain.


Choosing tea and making the choice of drinking tea every day is a great decision to help promote a healthy lifestyle. With all the different flavors and health benefits available, there is a choice that is guaranteed to fit your tastes and desires, giving you exactly what you want in your brew. Do not wait any longer, and start reaping all the benefits this beverage has to offer sooner than later!

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