Herbal Tea to Settle Your Upset Stomach

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Calm your digestive system with a regular dose of Herbal Tea

Do you ever suffer from discomfort in your stomach? Do you ever feel bloated and uncomfortable after a meal? Maybe you have a slow digestive system and struggle to shift food after a heavy meal? Instead of trying solutions like indigestion tablets, why not consider a natural and healthy alternative? Herbal Tea is a great remedy to ease an upset stomach and has a whole host of other health benefits too. The three different types of Herbal Tea listed below are particularly known to help with an upset stomach:

Fennel Herbal Tea – Fennel is an herb that is used in a variety of different remedies and the whole plant is consumable. Mature Fennel seeds are particularly useful and research has shown that they can help treat heartburn, bloating and a loss of appetite. Fennel Herbal tea offers an earthy but fresh taste that is quite refreshing and palatable.

Peppermint Herbal Tea – Mint Herbal tea is widely used in Morocco and is a great form of refreshment. Peppermint can help cure bloating, improve the pain associated with an upset stomach and even cure excessive flatulence! This type of tea will leave also your breath smelling simply divine!

Ginger Herbal Tea – Ginger is a remedy that has been used for many years to help with a bloated stomach. There is no surprise that Ginger Herbal tea acts in much the same way and can really help with an upset stomach. Furthermore, it can also help ease motion sickness and headaches. Consider adding a dash of Honey to your ginger tea as it can be quite strong.

Why not try one of these fantastic types of Herbal Tea? Consider drinking the tea after a meal and see for yourself the benefits!

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