How Do You Prepare Loose Leaf Tea?

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Preparation is just as important as the final brew and can keep the quality of your leaves

Leaf tea is a drink that requires preparation and care. This drink is a labor of love and the leaves should be treated with respect! To attain a level of perfection and to enjoy a truly memorable leaf tea beverage, you should sufficiently prepare your leaves beforehand. Preparation involves many aspects and none should be overlooked. Learn how to prepare your leaf tea to enable a smooth brewing process that is stress and hassle free.

Storage – Correct storage is paramount to the preparation of your tea leaves. Tea can react adversely to various atmospheric conditions including sunlight, moisture, and air. Ensure that your stock of tea leaves is stored in an opaque, air-tight container and kept in a dry place, preferably at room temperature. Storing the leaves correctly can help keep their quality and freshness.

Selection – Choosing a type of leaf tea is highly important when creating a brew. What mood are you in? Are you feeling run down or unwell? Do you need a hearty drink or something bursting with flavor to cheer you up? If you have a decent stock of leaf tea varieties, you should rotate their use to ensure you do not get bored of one specific type.

Quantity – Picking the correct quantity of leaves for your brew can make the difference between a good and bad cup of tea. A teaspoon of leaves is generally accepted as an average quantity. If you prefer a stronger brew, you should use more than this.

The workstation – Preparation of your workstation is often overlooked. However, a poorly prepared tea station can cause havoc! Ensure you have a clear working space, and that you have all the instruments and ingredients you require ready at hand!

Tea preparation 101 – 4 simple steps to help your brewing process! Use the above tips to improve your tea making skills! From here on, you will achieve a new level of organization, and use your tea leaves to their maximum potential.

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