How Much Loose Leaf Tea Should I Use?

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Tea craft 101 – Quantity is everything!

Creating the perfect cup of leaf tea takes time and practice. It is a beverage that should be created with care and love. There are many different steps involved with crafting a splendid cup of leaf tea. Selection of the tea leaves, boiling the water correctly, steeping the tea and adding any milk and sugar. An important aspect of tea-craft that people sometimes overlook or are unsure of is how much leaf tea to use. What is the optimum quantity to use for your brew? How can you gauge a quantity that will create a robust blend of tea that is pleasing to your pallet?

Once you start to drink leaf tea regularly, you will become an expert at selecting the correct amount of leaves. At first, you might make a cup of tea that is too strong or too weak, but with practice, this will improve! A standardized quantity that is considered to create a great cup of leaf tea is a single teaspoon of leaves. This amount will give you just enough to create a brew that has a great amount of flavor without being overpowering.

Whilst one teaspoon might create the perceived perfect cup, this might not be appropriate for everyone. It is advisable to simply try a single teaspoon first, and gauge the quality of the resulting drink for yourself. Is there enough tea? Is the brew too weak? Is the flavor too strong? Once you have assessed the results you can then adjust the number of leaves you use for subsequent drinks. Personal preference is key and what is suitable for someone else might not be palatable for you! Finally, when created using a teapot ensure that you increase the number of leaves used. Using the same amount as you would for a single cup will create a brew of tea that is unbelievably weak!

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