How to Brew Herbal Tea

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Brew a wonderful cup of Herbal Tea

How to Brew Tea from Leaves for the Best Taste Ever

Brewing tea from loose leaf tea will produce a tea that is far more intense in taste and better tasting than steeping tea in pre-packaged bags. If you try a cup of tea made with loose leaf tea, you will discover the difference for yourself. You will find its flavor to be extremely more delicious and relaxing.

What You Need for Brewing Tea from the Leaves

In brewing your tea, you should be sure to use fresh water. Using warm water, prepare your teapot by rinsing it with hot water in order for the temperature of the water you’re using for your tea to be a consistent temperature. By following the guidelines and steps below, you can make tea to suit your individual taste.

What You Need to Brew Tea

1. Tea Infuser

For your drinking pleasure, a tea infuser will prevent the leaves from floating in your cup as you drink. Chewing on tea leaves while drinking is something you certainly want to avoid, and a tea infuser will do the job. The infuser can also allow you to steep your tea for the specific time recommended for your type of tea.

You can use a long handle or basket type infuser made with stainless steel that will last you for years. The infuser can be used either in a mug or teapot.

2. Tea Mug or Teapot

You can place the tea infuser either into your tea mug or teapot. Some tea mugs and teapots have infusers designed to fit within them.

3. Tea Kettle

Since you need to boil water, you will need a tea kettle. You can use stovetop kettles or electric kettles that will boil the water faster. A saucepan will do the job as well.

Loose Leaf Tea

For several reasons, you may prefer certified organic tea leaves. Organic tea is free of herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Synthetic pesticides can pose health risks to people. The health risks include nervous system damage, birth defects and a disruption to endocrine systems and hormones. Skin and eye irritations, respiratory disorders and some cancers have been linked to the use of synthetic pesticides. Parkinson’s Disease and some cancers are also believed to be the result of the use of herbicides.

How to Brew Tea from Loose Tea Leaves

Step 1:

Three grams of leaves should be measured for every six ounces of tea. This is between one and two teaspoons. For each of the following tea leaves, you should measure one teaspoon of tea leaves for each cup: Green, White, Black, Oolong, Rooibos, PU-ERH and Herbal/Fruit. For Mate, 1 1/2 teaspoon of leaves should be measured for one cup.

How to Measure the Tea Leaves

You can measure your tea leaves with a digital gram scale or a teaspoon.

Digital gram scale: Begin by placing 1 tsp. of loose tea leaves on the scale. Check the weight. If necessary, put a few more leaves on the scale. The weight should be three grams of tea leaves per six ounces of water.

Measuring Spoon: Using a measuring teaspoon, scoop out one round teaspoon of tea leaves for each six ounces of water you use. Large tea leaves such as whites or oolongs will require two round teaspoons of tea for each six ounce cup.

Step 2:

Put your measured tea leaves in your infuser and put the infuser into either you teacup or teapot for brewing.

Step 3:

There is an appropriate temperature for each of the different teas. Heat your water to a temperature just below boiling for herbal tea and black tea. Green teas should be steeped with water that is less hot, and you should pour the tea from your kettle as soon as you see small bubbles rising from your kettle’s bottom. You should never brew tea in boiling water. Water that is hot enough to boil will prevent the flavor to come out of the leaves.

Step 4:

Pour your water over your infuser with the tea leaves and cover either your individual serving cup or tea pot.

Step 5:

Each different type of tea requires a different length of time for brewing. Small tea leaves required less brewing time. Green teas will brew between one to three minutes. Black teas will take three to five minutes, and a herbal tea takes five to 15 minutes. It’s a good idea to taste your tea periodically while it is brewing. This is especially important the first time you brew a new type of tea. If you’ve made a teapot full, pour it into your serving cups as soon as it tastes best to you.

How to Brew Herbal Tea

Knowing how to brew herbal tea is much the same as other loose leaf teas. You simply add one teaspoon to your infuser for each cup (6 oz.) of hot water you will be pouring into the teapot. Pour the water over your infuser with the tea leaves.

Steep your herbal tea from five to ten minutes. If you like your tea stronger, add more leaves. Do not steep longer.

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