How to Drink Green Tea

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Read these supremely useful tips and tricks for creating and drinking Green Tea

Green Tea is a natural drink that is tasty, flavorsome and extremely healthy. This tea is native to Asia and is grown and cultivated by various Asian nations including China, Japan and Indonesia. Green leaf tea is one of the healthiest beverages available today and when drunk regularly can help improve your personal health. How should you drink Green Tea? What is the best way to enjoy this beverage? How can you make the perfect cup of tea?

Quality is key – Ensuring you have a quality strain of Green Leaf tea is hugely important to the overall enjoyment of your brew. Consider purchasing from a quality online supplier such as Simple Loose Leaf who specializes in providing fresh leaf tea. If your leaves are fresh, the flavor and aroma will be full and you will really enjoy the quality of the drink.

Forget the milk – Contrary to popular belief, Green Tea is actually preferable without milk or sugar. Green Tea has a sweet taste and adding milk and sugar doesn’t really benefit the brew in any way. Furthermore, milk can actually reduce the positive effects Green tea has – To benefit from the nutrients and compounds contained within Green Tea, it should really be drunk naturally without any additives.

Steep fully – Many people steep Green tea incorrectly and remove the leaves before the brew is sufficiently infused. Ensure that you have steeped the tea leaves for a decent amount of time. Check on the color of the brew and ensure that a solid and even coloration is achieved – This will ensure that your drink is tasty and full of nutrients.

Three simple considerations, three methods of making your Green tea beverage a pleasant one – Never rush making a cup of Green leaf tea – This is a drink that requires care and attention to fully benefit from its flavors and healthy properties.


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