How to Gauge the Quality of Loose Leaf Tea

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What defining characteristics and features can you discern that set a leaf above the rest?

Loose leaf tea is a true craft of passion. If you enjoy drinking this form of unaltered tea, you will appreciate the quality. As you will find, loose leaf tea provides a purer tea drinking experience – The taste is tantalizing, the flavors are full and the health benefits are numerous. Despite this fact, not every loose-leaf tea has been created to a high standard. Some forms of loose leaf tea may not have been harvested in the appropriate way or sourced freshly. How do you know if the leaf has been treated correctly? How do you know that what you are drinking is of a high standard? These tips will help you ensure that you only choose the very best loose leaf to enjoy a fantastic drinking experience.

Firstly you should research your desired blend – What should the leaf look like? What characteristics should it have? Does it have a particular smell or coloration? The more you understand, the more you will be able to identify. Secondly, once you are learned in the art of tea identification, you should then examine your purchased blend. Are all the tea leaves a similar size and color? If not, this may be an indication that a sub-standard leaf has been mixed in as a cost saving exercise. Does the leaf have a recognizable smell? Is that smell overpowering? Too much scent could mean the leaves have been perfumed to enhance the aroma, whereas too little scent could mean the leaves are not fresh.

The final proof will be in the taste – You should clear be able to tell the quality of a loose-leaf tea from its taste. Does the tea taste as it is described? Do the tea leaves create a fully blended and flavorsome drink? If not, and the tea doesn’t diffuse properly, this could be an indication that the leaves are old. Do not settle for poor quality loose leaf tea!

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