How to Make Loose Leaf Tea Without a Strainer

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Loose Leaf Tea Brewing: Au Natural – Brew like a pro

Many people use a tea strainer to make their brew. A strainer can aid the brewing process and stop stray tea leaves floating in your cup. Others prefer to make their tea naturally and without any tools or accessories. When done correctly, loose leaf tea can be created without the need for a strainer and can create a much tastier drink! For the perfectionists and purists, leaf tea should only be created naturally and using a strainer is considered a sign of disrespect to the quality of the leaves!

Creating loose leaf tea without a strainer is all about care and quality. Ensure you select tea leaves that are fresh, have been stored correctly, and a bursting with flavor and aromas. Once you have selected satisfactory leaves, boil your water. Do not over or under boil. As soon as the kettle has clicked, remove it and pour the water straight into your cup or teapot. You can now add the loose tea leaves to your brew. Be careful! Tea leaves are delicate and can crumble and break if you use excessive force. Be gentle, hold them lovingly and gently drop a small quantity into the hot water.

Once the leaves are sitting in the water, allow them to steep naturally. This is where a tea strainer would usually come into play. Not this time, however! As the leaves steep in the boiling hot water you will see the infusion process taking place. Watch the water change color and remove the leaves only when a full and bold color is achieved.  If you remove the leaves too early you risk creating a brew that is weak in flavor. Alternatively, if you let the leaves steep for a prolonged period, you will create an extremely strong drink.

You can now add milk and sugar if desired. Now comes the truly enjoyable part – Drink up! Find a comfy chair, sit back and take a sip. The flavor and aroma will make you wonder why you ever used a strainer in the past!

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