How to Make Oolong Tea

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How can you brew the perfect pot of Oolong tea and create a memorable and tasty drink?

Oolong Tea is considered by many to be somewhere between a traditional Black Tea and a Green Tea. This type of tea was first created in the Fujian province of China but is now also exported from Taiwan. Oolong Tea undergoes a strict and time-consuming oxidation process once the leaves have been harvested which provides it with its taste and coloration. Tea connoisseurs love this type of tea and it is hugely popular in Asia. If you have a stash of Oolong Tea, follow these simple instructions to attain brewing perfection for your next cup of tea!

Choose your leaf wisely – First, you must prepare your workstation and choose your Oolong leaves. Ensure that your leaves are fresh and have not been exposed to air or sunlight excessively as this can alter the flavor.

Boil to the correct temperature – Fill your kettle with fresh cold water (never use filtered or distilled water!). Boil the water completely until you achieve a rolling boil, but then allow it to cool slightly. The optimum temperature for Oolong Tea is between 85 to 95 degrees and water boils at 100 degrees.

Steep for a minimum of 1 minute – Once the water is cooled to the correct temperature, add your Oolong leaves. Allow the leaves to steep naturally to ensure that the tea is properly infused with the hot water and that all the juices and flavor is released. Steep for a minimum of 1 minute and then taste the brew; if it is to your liking, continue to the next step.

Don’t throw the leaves away – Oolong Tea can change its flavor through multiple steeps, therefore, it is advisable to keep the used leaves for another day.

Your Oolong Tea is now ready to enjoy so take the cup, and savor that first delicious sip!

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