How to Use White Tea for Your Skin

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What remedies are available to enable White Tea to benefit your skin?

If you are experiencing issues with your skin, you may feel lost and wonder how you can improve its quality? Our skin is extremely delicate, and although it can withstand the elements, it still requires great care and attention. Many people try using different remedies, lotions and face creams to improve the quality of their skin, each to varying degrees of effectiveness. White Tea can actually form a fantastic remedy for your skin and when drank or used regularly, can help maintain its quality and vitality. The simple three methods listed below are prime ways you can use White Tea to benefit your skin!

Drinking – The long game – Simply drinking White Tea on a daily basis can improve your complexion and quality of your skin. White Tea contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that help remove the toxins in your skin and enhance the rejuvenation process. Consider drinking one or two cups of White Tea per day to compliment your healthy lifestyle.

Face mask – The overnighter – Creating a DIY White Tea Face mask is a great way to further imbibe your skin with the health qualities of this variety of tea. Simply create a pot of White Tea as you usually would and allow the solution to cool. Ensure it has steeped thoroughly to benefit from the full amount of the healthy nutrients present in the tea. Once cooled, apply the solution to your face using cotton balls before you go to sleep and leave it to soak in. In the morning, you can then wash your face clean!

Face wash – The quick-fix – If you do not fancy leaving tea on your face overnight, you could instead use a simple face rinse. As above, you should first brew a pot of White Tea and allow it to cool. You can then simply use it as an alternative to a face wash and rinse your skin thoroughly with it.

Consider these wonderful beauty alternatives and benefit from the power of White Tea today!

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