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Where did this form of tea originate from and what is its history?

What do you know about Green Tea? (Other than it is Green!) Where does it come from? How is it grown? What does it taste like? Questions and more questions! Learn about Green Tea and what makes it such a fantastic, healthy beverage.

Where does Green Tea originate from? Green tea, as with other tea leaves originates from China and is created from the Camelia Sinensis leaves. The Yunnan province of China is regarded as the birthplace of tea and is where the plant was first cultivated.

How is Green Tea processed? Green Tea plants are either grown in the sun or shade depending on the desired final result. Once harvested, the leaves are dried out and can also be fired using charcoal. These methods will vary depending on what taste and flavor is required.

How does Green Tea taste? This type of tea has a sweeter taste than other varieties and is usually drunk without any additives i.e. milk and sugar. Green Tea is considered to be an acquired taste but it is extremely fresh and light.

What health benefits does Green Tea have? Green Tea is one of the healthiest drinks available and provides a dizzying amount of benefits. Studies have shown that Green Tea can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Furthermore, it can also help control your blood pressure and cholesterol, and improve the quality and appearance of your skin and hair. Additionally, when consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle, it can improve the rate at which you burn fat and calories.

Hopefully you should now have a greater understanding of Green Tea and why it is considered such a fantastic drink. Why not consider purchasing some leaf tea of your own and see for yourself how it can improve your personal health?

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