Loose Leaf Tea: Making your Own Tea Bags!

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Do it Yourself Tea Bags Are a Great way to use your Loose Tea Leaves

Whilst loose leaf tea is optimally enjoyed with no constraints, creating your own loose leaf tea bag can be a fun and entertaining activity. When created properly, loose leaf tea bags can provide a fantastic brew, and can also help to get your creative juices flowing. Why not have a go at creating your very own tea bags to enjoy your loose-leaf tea in a different way?

Equipment List

– String
– Loose leaf tea
– Plain or colored paper
– Paper mesh or a coffee filter
– Scissors
– Stapler

You should easily be able to source the required materials from your home, although mesh paper or coffee filters may require a short shopping trip. Once you have the required materials and equipment, you can start creating your own tea bags!

First, you should create the actual bag. To do so, simply cut the coffee filter into a rectangular shape, place a hearty amount of loose tea in the center and then fold up like a parcel. Once folded, you should then place a small length of string (approximately 2”) on the opening and then staple this to the bag to create a seal. This completes the bag. Now to create the small tab that dangles over the side of your cup! Simply cut a small piece of colored paper and fold into a square. Staple this to the other end of the string and hey presto, your tea bag is complete!

To add variety and individuality to your tea bags, you can try using different colored paper for the tabs, and even different colored string! Furthermore, you can experiment using different types of coffee filter or paper mesh until you find a material that creates the perfect loose leaf brew!

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