Loose Tea and Weight Loss

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Control your calories and fat absorption with regular doses of leaf tea

Is there literally anything that leaf tea cannot do? Studies and research continually demonstrate the benefits of drinking leaf tea. This is an extremely healthy drink that has a myriad of different health benefits; these include prevention of heart disease and cancer, an improvement of your teeth, skin, and hair, and a general improvement in your hydration levels. Tea can also help with weight loss and control your calorie intake. For those who are dieting and are struggling to lose weight, consider drinking regular amounts of Pu-erh and green tea to hasten the process. How does leaf tea help with weight loss?

Controlling your cholesterol – Cholesterol can have a direct effect on your weight and people with high cholesterol levels often suffer from obesity. Drinking regular amounts of Pu-erh or green tea can help naturally control your cholesterol levels in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet. This is achieved via the advent of Polyphenols in leaf tea – This compound helps reduce “bad” cholesterol, whilst also improving the level of “good” cholesterol (HDL) in your body.

Protection of muscles – Weight loss can be achieved through healthy eating and exercise. Leaf tea can help reduce the amount of fatigue in your body and protect your muscles from damage. This will ensure you can exercise regularly without the negative consequences.

Stimulate your metabolism – Many people struggle to lose weight as they have a slow metabolism. Tea can improve your metabolism and help you burn calories quicker. Furthermore, the Polyphenols previously mentioned aid the digestion of fat.

Whilst drinking tea alone will not solve your weight loss problems, it can certainly help! If you want to lose weight, you should first look at your diet and eating habits. Secondly, you should then consider taking up exercise on a regular basis. Finally, you should complement this new healthy lifestyle with a daily dose of fresh loose leaf tea.

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