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What is the current market rate for loose leaf tea and where can I purchase it from?

Loose leaf tea is a stable commodity that rarely fluctuates in price. The supply of tea is consistent and it is cultivated en-mass to meet customers’ demands. If you want to purchase some leaf tea for your own use or to stock in your café or business, you should be aware of the current market rates and what you can expect to pay for a pouch of tea for example. When considering the cost of leaf tea, many factors are involved that contribute to the overall selling price. These include how and where the tea is cultivated, how it is shipped to its end destination, what trade taxes are levied, and how it is processed and treated. For example, you can expect to pay more for a leaf tea infusion that contains several different ingredients as opposed to a standard green tea.

Leaf tea is usually purchased in pouches or sachets. These pouches maintain the freshness and quality of the leaves and keep them from reacting with air. For a 2-ounce sachet, you can expect to pay anywhere between $7.50 up to $11.00 – $7.50 could buy you a simple green tea, whilst $11.00 could buy you a special blend such as Ginger and peach herbal tea. If you are paying way above these rates, then you should seriously re-consider your supplier. Chances are they are making a huge profit at your expense! Alternatively, if you are paying way below these rates, the quality of the tea could be inferior.

Online tea dispensers like Simple Loose leaf can offer leaf tea at these competitive rates whilst still maintaining a high level of quality. Consider purchasing from this type of online store to make use of their wide variety of flavors and door to door delivery service.

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