Mate Tea and Weight Loss

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How can this fantastic type of tea help enhance your healthy diet and ability to lose weight?

Mate Tea is a popular type of tea that originates from South America and is one of the most popular drinks in this continent – Mate Tea, also known as Yerba is grown from the Ilex paraguariensis plant and creates a delightful form of beverage. This drink is exported worldwide and consumed extensively in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and even Syria and Lebanon. The taste of Mate is considered to be earthy and have hints of grass and even tobacco and it has been compared to Green Tea. This tea is also highly beneficial for your health and serves as a great enhancer to those trying to lose weight. How does this type of tea achieve that?

Improve the burning of fat – Many people regularly exercise and eat a healthy mix of food however they might not be able to burn excess fat and move that additional weight. Mate Tea contains a substance called mateine which acts in a similar way to caffeine but without the detrimental side effects – This substance can improve the rate at which we reduce fat and contribute greatly to weight loss.

Boost your metabolism – Yerba Tea can also help improve your metabolism which is a prime factor that can improve the rate at which you can exercise and burn calories. Mateine is responsible for this and serves as an all-purpose substance that as previously mentioned can also help burn fat.

Improve the supply of oxygen to your heart – Finally, Yerba Mate can also help improve the function of your heart and increase the supply of oxygen that runs to it. Furthermore, it can reduce the stress of your heart and relax your blood vessels.

By drinking daily amounts of Mate Tea in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, there is no reason why you should not easily be able to lose weight and control your calories.

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