Spring Allergies? Seasonal Sniffles?

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Spring Allergies? Seasonal Sniffles? Try This Amazing Lemon Tea Remedy


This is the time of year that seasonal allergies from flowering plants and trees begins in earnest. If you are suffering from the sniffles or allergy-related cough, Kenyan Dawa Tea might be just what you need to sooth your ear, nose, and throat while clearing irritating allergens from your sinuses (and also giving yourself a tasty treat).



Dawa is not actually a Kenyan Tea, or at least it didn’t start as one. Interestingly enough, it was originally a Brazilian mixed drink of vodka with lemon or lime juice, honey, and ginger, served on the rocks. When it made its way to Kenya it was such a big hit that Kenyans adapted it into a tea version called Dawa Tea, that has been heartily embraced by people in many South African nations.


The drink is absolutely seen as a tincture or remedy by Kenyans, as well as a source of enjoyment. It is even prescribed in Kenya as a cure all for many kinds of ailments. In fact, Dawa actually means “medicine” in Swahili, so Kenyans are calling this tea recipe “medicine tea” in their own language. It is popular with native Kenyans and served to tourists for medicinal purposes and as a social drink.


Health Benefits

In order to enjoy the health benefits of Dawa Tea, just brew some quality loose leaf green tea in a pot at home and squeeze lemon or lime juice to flavor into the pot. Then add ginger and honey. As a preventative measure for future allergies while soothing your current allergy attack, there is some evidence that using locally made honey can help your immune system learn how to get along with local allergens and calm the heck down.


An organic food store or an International market are your best bets to find some good locally produced honey to add to your Dawa Tea. The ginger will also soothe your angry membranes while adding some spice and flavor to your tea. The vitamin C and other nutrients in the lime or lemon juice will boost your immune system and overall health as well.


As a nice flourish, especially if you are serving the tea to guests, you can make thin circle slices of lime or lemon, and place a slice in each cup that you’re serving the Dawa Tea in. Serve the tea hot for its curative properties. If you simply want to enjoy the tea chilled with ice on a hot day, that’s a perfectly acceptable and delicious way to enjoy this tea as well.


If you want to go full Brazilian, you can add a little vodka, gin, or rum to your iced Dawa Tea and have a nice cocktail on a hot summer evening. Supposing you wanted to make the Dawa Tea equivalent of an Irish “Hot Toddy,” you could add a splash of vodka to the hot Dawa Tea, but if you’re drinking it for relief from allergies, we wouldn’t recommend it, as liquor can dry out and irritate mucous membranes, especially if they’re already inflamed. But I guess everyone has to make their own mistakes.

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