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Share with your friends, family and loved ones the joys of loose leaf tea

Tea is a drink that is perfect to enjoy socially. Throughout history, tea has been used and consumed during social interactions, for family gatherings and as an accompaniment for intimate conversations. In many countries, such as the UK, Morocco, and China, tea is offered during gatherings and drank as a sign of respect and hospitality. Due to the popularity of tea, and the wide range of people that enjoy it, it is a fantastic item to purchase as a gift. If you have any family members of friends who enjoy this beverage, why not buy them some varieties of loose lea tea to sample?

Simple Loose leaf offers a variety of gifts cards that can be used in our store. Simply purchase a gift card and present it to the recipient. They can then peruse our online store and check out the myriad of different loose leaf teas we offer. Once they are satisfied, they can redeem their card and use it to contribute towards their purchase. Alternatively, if you are a connoisseur of tea and know your friend or family members tastes, why not choose a selection of our pouched leaf teas instead? You could consider several varieties of “standard” leaf tea like green tea and black tea, and then choose a couple of our distinct flavors and infusions such as our popular Oolong tea or our toasty almond black variety.

The gift of tea will be greatly appreciated and it will help expand your friend or family member’s horizons and open their eyes to the fantastic world of leaf tea. Furthermore, it will give you both an excuse to get together for a chat while enjoying one of the delightful leaf teas you purchased for them!

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