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Learn how to throw a tantalizing tea party using the wonders of loose leaf

A tea party is a fantastic way to bring your friends and family together and enjoy the brilliant beverage that is loose leaf tea. Hosting a tea party can give you the chance to sample a variety of different teas and exercise your creative talents. What can you provide at a tea party that will excite and intrigue your friends? How can you show them the greatness of loose leaf tea and give them a memorable experience that they will talk about for months after? Become a tea party genius!

Tea is obviously an integral part of a tea party. Providing a great variety of teas is essential. You could invest in a range of different loose leaf teas for your guests to try – Offer some standard flavors such as green tea and black tea, but also offer some exciting flavors such as Oolong tea or Blackberry tea. This will satisfy everyone’s tastes and ensure that all your guests are catered for.

Once you have your tea sorted, you should consider your accompanying food. A good tea party has good quality food! Do you serve sandwiches? Do you serve cake? Do you go traditional and serve scones with jam? Maybe you could serve a selection of each of these? Presentation of the food is also important – You could consider a proper cake stand or simply serve them on plates.

Now your food and drink is taken care of, where do you host the party? Maybe you could host it simply in your living room by the comfort of the fire? Maybe you have an outside seating area in your garden and can host it there on a summer’s day? Maybe you know someone who has a venue you can rent for an hour or two? The location is just as important as the drink and food!

There you have it, some simple considerations for hosting a successful tea party!

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