The Benefits of Tea for Your Hair

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Bring back the bounce to your bun with a leaf tea beverage

Is there anything that leaf tea cannot do! This simple and tasty beverage has a huge range of fantastic health benefits and is also a great tasting drink that anyone can enjoy. Leaf tea can improve your complexion and reduce the effect of acne, it can also help control your calorie intake and blood pressure. Furthermore, it can help fight cancer and when drunk regularly, will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. One other benefit of leaf tea is how it can improve the quality of your hair, read out below to find out how!

1. Stimulates hair growth – Many people suffer from poor hair growth. No matter how hard they try they simply can’t grow it! Tea contains EGGG which can stimulate hair production by boosting the dermal papillae activity. Furthermore, EGGG can also prevent your hair from thinning as you grow older.

2. Soothes irritation and itching – Tea contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help to soothe your scalp and prevent irritation. Additionally, it can lessen the symptoms of psoriasis and dandruff.

3. Prevention of split ends – Split ends can be hugely irritating. No one likes to look at their hair and see a handful of split and dead ends. Panthenol is another hugely important substance which can prevent split ends – it achieves this by strengthening your hair which reduces the chance of breakages.

4. Hair shine – Everyone loves a head full of glistening hair! Tea can help you achieve this through the advent of polyphenols. This substance together with vitamins E and C protect your hair from damage and give it a healthy glow.

For a beautiful head of strong hair that shines, drink a healthy dose of tea! This simple beverage can make a great difference and will have larger ramifications for your personal health too.

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