The Best Chai Latte Recipes

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How can you create a fantastic brew of Chai Latte that is both sweet and tasty?

The Chai Latte is a drink that is immensely popular in the western world and has taken all the wonderful qualities of Chai Tea and added a great dollop of sweetness on top. Chai tea originates from India and combines Assam tea leaves together with a delightful blend of spices and herbs – The resulting taste is bursting with flavor and different hints from Cardamom to Fennel and Nutmeg. A Chai Latte uses this brilliant flavor and combines it with a variety of sweeteners to create a drink that is more like a pudding! Why not try and create your own Chai Latte with this simple recipe?

What you will need:
– Chai Tea
– Water
– Milk (Whole milk is preferable)
– Honey
– Sugar
– Cinnamon

First, you must create the brew of Chai Tea. Simply boil your hot water and then add the Chai Tea (either loose or bags). Allow the tea to steep for a minimum of 3 minutes to ensure that the infusion process is completed and that enough flavor is present. Once the tea has steeped and a full and robust color is achieved, you can then add the milk. The milk should first be warmed in a pan and whisked to achieve a frothy consistency (do this while the water is boiling). Once the warm milk is added, you can then add your sweeteners – Add the honey and sugar directly to the warm brew and once you have poured it into a cup, Cinnamon can be sprinkled on top as a finishing touch.

There you have it – A homemade Chai Latte that will embody the spicy flavors of Chai Tea, together with the sweetness of honey, warm milk, and cinnamon.

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