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Which Types of Oolong Tea are particularly tasty, flavorsome and aromatic?

You may have heard of Black Tea, Green Tea, and even White Tea, but have you heard of the variety of Tea called Oolong? Oolong Tea is a popular type of tea in Asia and has been cultivated in the Fujian province and Wuyi Mountains range for hundreds of years. This tea is now exported from both China and Taiwan and exhibits a fantastic flavor, aroma and dark coloration.

Oolong Tea is created from the Camellia Sinensis plant and once harvested is rolled, dried, withered and then oxidized. The leaves are oxidized in a controlled temperature environment and under intense sunlight. This oxidation process is necessary to achieve the dark coloration of the leaves and the strong and earthy taste of the tea.

Although Oolong tea is considered one type, it can be processed in a range of different ways which results in a variety of different tastes and textures. Some of the best Oolong Teas include Ri Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) which is one of the highest possible grades of Oolong Tea and exhibits a light and sweet flavor. Alternatively, the Jin Xuan variety of Oolong Tea that is cultivated in Taiwan is also a fantastic blend and has a creamy flavor and smooth texture. Finally, the Big Red Robe tea is possible the most prized Oolong Tea that offers an aromatic flavor with dark notes of cocoa. These three different varieties of Oolong are some of the best known and all hail originally from the aforementioned Fuyi Mountain range.

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