The Flavor of Oolong Tea

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What flavor does this exciting variety of tea offer?

Oolong Tea is a type of tea that hovers somewhere between a Black Tea and a Green Tea; it is known as the Black Dragon tea due to its long, black tea leaves. This type of tea is grown in China and Taiwan and is cultivated from a variety of the Camellia Sinensis plant that is used to create other types of tea. Oolong Tea was originally created from the Fujian province which is on the eastern coast of China. Many people consider Oolong to be a Black Tea and it undergoes an oxidation process which provides it with the dark coloration and strong flavor. A common question regarding Oolong Tea is how does it taste? What flavors does this type of tea exhibit?

Oolong Tea is usually considered to have a strong flavor and this is due to the oxidation process that it goes through after cultivation. This oxidation process also gives the tea a Malty taste that can also be astringent. If the oxidation process is stopped, Oolong Tea becomes similar to a green tea and exhibits a taste that is fresh and grassy. Furthermore, Oolong Tea can also have an earthy taste that is full bodied and robust. While definitions can be applied to Oolong as a generalization, the flavor and taste can vary greatly depending on how the tea is prepared and what region it originates from.

For example, some types of Oolong are fragrant and leave a sweet aftertaste in your mouth. In contrast, roasted Oolong Teas offer a darker, stronger flavor that might not be as fresh. When choosing a type of Oolong Tea, it is advisable to first research the different taste that each type exhibits to ensure you select a flavor you find palatable.


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