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What strains, blends and types are considered to be the mainstay of the tea market?

Loose leaf tea is available in a variety of different blends – Each different variety offers a unique taste and aroma and some can provide different health benefits. When considering purchasing loose leaf tea, we advise that you take time to understand the different varieties available so you can choose a tea that suits your needs and tastes fully.

Green tea – This form of tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant and do not undergo any oxidation or withering process. Green tea is an export of China, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia. This type of tea creates a green brew when added to hot water and has numerous health benefits. These benefits include improving cardiovascular health, helping control cholesterol and even a decreased mortality rate.
White tea – This type of tea is not as well defined as Green tea and there is no global consensus as to what defines white tea. Generally, white tea is created from the Camellia Sinensis and only undergoes a drying process. Furthermore, it is never rolled or oxidized which creates a lighter flavor than other tea varieties. Modern white tea is known to have flourished in the last two centuries but records are uncertain as to its origin and first use.

Black tea – This type of tea is oxidized which helps create a stronger flavor. Although also created from the Camellia Sinensis plant, it is its processing that creates the different taste and appearance. Black tea is often used in a mixture with other ingredients to create a varied taste. Black teas are usually named after the region they were first produced in.

While these three types of tea are the main varieties, there are other strands and blends such as Chai, Herbal, and Pu-Erh, as well.

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