What is Black Tea?

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How does this type of tea differ from other varieties and how is it grown?
Black Tea is a type of tea that is highly popular; in fact, it is possible the most popular variety of tea available, especially in the western world. Black Tea leaves are grown from the Camelia Sinensis plant that is native to Asia. The larger Assamese variety of Camelia plant is mainly used in the production of Black Tea. How does Black Tea differ from the other varieties? How is it processed? What about its flavor and aroma? What qualities does it possess?

Processing – Black Tea leaves are harvested from the Camelia plants and are then withered (this is achieved by blowing air onto the leaves). The leaves are then processed either by hand or automatically depending on the desired quality of the end product. This processing usually involves rolling the leaves which turn them into a more desirable shape. Once rolled, the leaves are then oxidized heavily which produces the dark coloration and appearance of Black Tea.

Properties and taste – Black Tea is considered to have a strong taste due to the oxidization process and is often robust, full flavored and rich. Black Tea is often combined with milk and sugar for those who prefer a milder taste. This type of tea retains its flavor for a greater length of time compared to White Tea and Green Tea.

Popular Varieties – Black Tea varieties are usually named in relation to the region where the plant is cultivated. Popular varieties of Black Tea include Tanyang Gongfu, Keemun, Tibeti, and Darjeeling. Popular blends of Black Tea include Earl Grey, English breakfast, and Masala Chai.

As a form of refreshment and hydration, Black Tea is a fantastic beverage. It also has a myriad of health benefits and should be given serious consideration as an alternative to carbonated soft drinks or coffee.

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