What is Tisane?

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Learn about this little-known type of brew and how it differs from other flavored beverages

Have you heard of Tisane? Do you know what this type of beverage is used for or where it comes from? Tisane is actually another name for Herbal Tea and is the correct terminology for this type of tea. How does Herbal Tea differ from other varieties of Tea? What ingredients are often used in the creation of Tisane and what health benefits does it offer?

What are the origins of Tisane? Tisane or Herbal tea has been used for thousands of years and its use is not a modern phenomenon – We have simply revived an old traditional beverage. Records have shown that both ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilizations actually created and used Herbal tea both for recreational purposes and as a medicinal remedy.

What ingredients are commonly used? Herbal Tea is available in an unbelievable variety of different flavors and concoctions. New varieties of Herbal Tea are being created and as our understanding of plants and herbs increases, so does our knowledge of Herbal Teas. Some major ingredients commonly used is herbal tea include Chamomile, Burdock, Citrus, Elderberry, Fennel, Hydrangea, Mint, and Rooibos.

How does Tisane differ from other types of tea? Tisane is specifically a blend of tea that does not contain any actual tea… confusing? In other words, Herbal Tea does not contain any leaves from the Camelia Sinensis plant that other tea is cultivated from. Tisane is generally created from a blend of herbs, spices, and other plant material and typically doesn’t contain any caffeine.

Tisane offers a fantastic alternative to traditional tea and coffee and provides a truly healthy beverage that is only created using natural ingredients. Different health benefits can arise from different varieties; however Herbal Tea can commonly help digestion, easy stomach pains and act as a relaxing stimulant.

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