What you Didn’t Know About Earl Grey

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5 facts about this famous and popular blend of Black Tea

Earl Grey Tea is hugely popular in the western world and particularly Europe and Britain. This type of tea exhibits many fantastic characteristics and qualities and is a pleasure to drink. If you are looking for a palatable variety of tea, why not give Earl Grey a try? Before taking the plunge, look at these five interesting facts:

Earl Grey is traditionally a Black Tea – This type of Tea is usually created using Black Tea with a variety of additives. As the most common variety, Black Earl Grey Tea was the first type to be created, and it is not until recent years that Green and Oolong varieties of Earl Grey have been introduced.

Earl Grey is flavored with Bergamot – This type of Black Tea gains much of its flavor, taste, and coloration from Bergamot which is a type of oil that is strained from the rind of a Bergamot orange fruit. This ingredient is used to accentuate the flavor and create a pleasant taste with fruity hints.

Earl Grey is named after a British Politician – Although the true origins of the name remain unknown, it is commonly believed that this type of tea is named after the British Prime Minister Charles Grey who was the 2nd Earl Grey.

Earl Grey dates back to the 1800’s – Earl Grey originates from England and was created in the 1820’s as an alternative to high grade and expensive types of imported Chinese Tea.

Earl Grey is regularly used in cakes and confectionary – Due to the great flavor and taste of Earl Grey, it is used frequently in cake recipes and chocolate.

As you can see, this type of tea has a rich history and is more than just a tasty warm beverage! Earl Grey is one of the finest types of English tea available and is a great form of Black Tea for those who have never tried a cup before!


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