White Tea for Your Skin

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Does White tea hold the secret to a clearer complexion and skin tone? 

The Camelia Sinensis plant is responsible for the creation and cultivation of tea. Black, Green and White Tea varieties are all grown from this same plant and it stands to reason that all three tea varieties share some of the same health benefits. White Tea is a type of tea that is harvested at an early stage and exhibits a milder flavor that many find the most palatable. White Tea like Green Tea can help improve the quality of your skin and it does so in a slightly different way. Instead of trying different lotions and creams, take a look at the benefits below and consider using a White Tea alternative!

Rejuvenating properties – White Tea contains a myriad of fantastic nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for your body. One certain area they can help is in the rejuvenation of your skin. Over time our skin becomes damaged, dry and full of dead skin cells. White Tea can help restore the quality of our skin and help repair damaged cells

Enhancing compounds and Polyphenols – White Tea is abundant with a compound called Polyphenols which have many enhancing benefits. By drinking a regular dose of White Tea, you can improve your complexion and provide your skin with the vital vitamins it requires to maintain a healthy glow.

Fantastic hydration – As a form of hydration, there is no better choice than White Tea. White Tea can help flush out the toxins in your skin and keep it hydrated for longer periods of time. Hydrated skin is less likely to get damaged or break out in spots etc.

Consider drinking a regular dose of White Tea, but also consider formulating your very own White Tea face mask or face wash to apply directly to your skin – This will provide your face directly with the beneficial properties contained within this type of tea.

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