Yerba Mate and Bone Health

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Strengthen your bones and prevent injury and breakages with a regular dose of Yerba Tea

As most of you may know, Tea is a wonderful drink that provides both refreshment and a plethora of health benefits. Tea is possibly one of the healthiest drinks available and you may not believe the different types of benefits it can provide! Generalizing tea as one drink is not prudent however as different forms of tea exhibit different qualities and properties – Rarely two types of tea exhibit the exact same health benefits. One type of tea that is quite different to the other varieties cultivated in Asia is Yerba Mate which is a tea that is actually grown in South America.

Yerba Mate is a great form of tea that offers something different to the standard varieties of Black, Green and White Tea. The plant this leaf is taken from is native to South America and several countries in this continent export Yerba Tea including Uruguay and Paraguay. Yerba Tea exhibits a range of health benefits including keeping your heart healthy and contributing to weight loss. One lesser known fact is that Yerba Tea can improve the strength and quality of your bones!

Mate Tea is packed full with a variety of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins and these undoubtedly help with our bone health. In particular, studies have shown that Yerba Tea can improve the density of our bones which can greatly reduce our risk of breakages and bone related health problems. Whilst caffeine is often associated with bone mineral loss, the other compounds present in Mate Tea counteract this and in fact, have an enhancing effect on this vital part of our body. To improve your own bone strength, why not consider drinking a healthy amount of Yerba Tea and milk (as a source of calcium) on a weekly basis?

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