Yerba Mate: Tea or Not to Tea?

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The decision between drinking coffee or tea is one that is always hotly contested between enthusiasts of each beverage. Coffee lovers will swear by their beverage of choice, while tea lovers will engage in similar arguments extoling the values and health benefits of tea. But what if there was a drink that combined all the best things about both coffee and tea? Most people have never heard about Yerba Mate, but it is one of the most incredible drinks you will ever have the chance of trying! In some ways, it is the perfect combination of coffee and tea, especially if you enjoy the taste of coffee but you care about the health benefits of tea.


Combining the World’s Best

There are five stimulants that are used the most often around the world, tea, coffee, cocoa, kola nut and guarana. But when compared to these five stimulants, yerba mate is by far the best in terms of the balanced energy boost you are getting, along with all the nutrition benefits. A holly tree that is found in the South American rainforests is responsible for this wonderful beverage. Yerba mate is created from the leaves that come out of this holly tree, which is known in South America as the Ilex paraguariensis tree. Even though the rest of the world is only learning about yerba mate recently, various tribes in South America have been drinking the beverage for many hundreds of years.


For those who constantly talk about the health benefits of tea, you will be amazed to know that yerba mate contains around 24 different minerals and vitamins, while it is also going to provide you with 15 unique amino acids and various antioxidants. Unlike other beverages that provide energy boosts and taste amazing, yerba mate is incredibly healthy for the human body. Scientists have long stated that there are very few plants around the world that provide health benefits in the same way as the plant that gives us yerba mate.


In terms of stimulants, yerba mate contains a decent amount of caffeine, which means you are going to get the same energy boost at the beginning and middle of the day as you would get from a strong cup of coffee or tea. However, the amount of tannin in yerba mate is very low, which means you can make a strong cup of the drink without feeling as though it is too bitter or tough to drink. And the naturally incredible taste means that you do not need any milk or sugar in order to enjoy the beverage!


Preparing yerba mate is super easy, as you can use a regular tea infuser or a French press coffee maker to get the job done. You can have it hot, cold or you can add a little bit of milk if you do not like drinking it plain. Some also enjoy yerba mate with a little bit of mint or lemon in the drink. So, if you are bored of the beverages you have been consuming, you may want to try out yerba mate!

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