Simple Strawberry Green Tea - Premium Loose Leaf Green Tea (4 oz) - High Caffeine - Dark & Smokey


Simple Strawberry Green is part of a new line of teas that we're calling our Simple Teas. These teas focus on presenting a wonderful experience with as few ingredients as possible. We'll be featuring more of these types of teas over the coming months.

Simple Strawberry Green is a lovely Young Hyson green tea from China that will have a darker almost smokey note to it when brewing. Like catching a faint wood smoke smell when driving in the countryside. When you first smell this tea, you're going to experience the strong presence of the strawberry. But when you brew this tea, the subtlety of this tea comes out as it brews into a lovely golden-hued cup of tea with a smooth and clean flavor profile.

Ingredients: Young Hyson Green Tea, All Natural Flavor, Freeze?Dried Strawberry Pieces, Safflower Petals

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