Tropical Green Tea - Green Tea - High Caffeine - Hint of Mango

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Tropical Green features a lovely and delicate scent that features the notes of fresh opened mangos combined with a Spring breeze. This tea is more like a dewy spring morning where everything is clean and fresh, with the sun just peaking out.

When brewing this tea, serve it hot with a particular eye to not over brewing this tea. Or you can use a cold-brewed method to ensure you don’t release any unwanted tannins into your cup.

Brew @ 180°F using 2-3 grams per cup for 2-3 minutes

Young Hyson Green Tea, All Natural Flavors, Sunflower Petals, Safflower Petals.

Customer Reviews

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V. (Pennsylvania)
Great tea especially in the summer

I really enjoyed this tea and especially the hint of mango! It was a delicious cold brew iced tea, but I wish the flavors came out more with the cold brew. It tasted a bit watered down.

Light Brew

I brewed this one hot but with it's light flavor I will definitely be trying a cold brew next. If you like very light green teas with hints of mango this is the tea for you!

Springtime in a cup

Lovely scent and flavor, fruity and a bit floral. This would be the perfect reminder of spring on a cold Autumn or Winter day. Lovely plain but I believe it would be just as lovely with a bit of honey. The second brew was nice but not as fragrant or tasteful.

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