Red Rose Herbal Tea - Herbal Tea - Caffeine Free - Sweet & Tart

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Red Rose lives up to its name when brewed. It features a soft red cup when brewed a light rose nose. But that is where the softness stops with this herbal tea. Red Rose features a bold flavor profile that pulls from the strawberry and hibiscus on the front and finishes with slight citrus and rose notes thanks for the black currant, orange peel, and rose petals used in the blending of this tea. If you love a tart and bold cup of tea, you'll find this is your "Cup of Tea".

If a tart tea isn't your style, try using this tea as an additive in another tea you have in the cupboard. You can use this tea as part of making iced tea, it has enough strength in the flavor profile to stand up to diluting to get the flavor balance right for you. Explore and experiment, you might discover something amazing!

Ingredients: Strawberry, hibiscus, rose hips, black currant, rose petals, orange peel, and apple pieces

Customer Reviews

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Kimberly M. (Ohio)
Good, but a little too red!

I love you teas, but why are so many of the herbals so red? After awhile some of them seem like red Kool Aid!

Love it!

Great balance of flavor. Fruity and a bit floral, but not overpowering. Delicious!

Best herbal tea ever

This is, without a doubt, the best herbal tea I've ever had. It's seriously amazing. I got it in my tea box a few days ago and have been refreshing the tea shop every day since so I could buy more as soon as it was in. It has a lovely fruity, floral flavor while still being light and refreshing. I actually didn't think this tea was tart at all, and very much enjoy it without sugar. I also like to use the brewed leaves to make cold brew; it tastes just as good the second time around!

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