King of Duck Shit Aroma Dan Cong Oolong
King of Duck Shit Aroma Dan Cong Oolong
King of Duck Shit Aroma Dan Cong Oolong

King of Duck Shit Aroma Dan Cong Oolong

King of Duck Shit Aroma Dan Cong Oolong

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King of Duck Shit Aroma Dan Cong Oolong, despite its humorous name, is a highly esteemed and unique oolong tea that hails from the Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong Province, China. The intriguing moniker "Duck Shit Aroma" (Ya Shi Xiang in Chinese) refers to the distinct aroma of the tea leaves, which is said to resemble the excrement of ducks. This playful name belies the tea's exquisite qualities, and it's believed that the quirky name was chosen to deter thieves from pilfering this prized tea variety. Grown at high elevations, the tea bushes absorb the misty mountain air, contributing to the tea's unique terroir and flavor profile.

Renowned for its complex taste, King of Duck Shit Aroma Dan Cong Oolong offers a symphony of flavors, including floral, honey, and fruity notes. The leaves are carefully processed to accentuate their natural aroma and flavor, resulting in an infusion that is both fragrant and invigorating. The tea is traditionally harvested from single bushes, with each bush producing a distinct flavor profile. As a highly sought-after and limited-production tea, the King of Duck Shit Aroma Dan Cong Oolong is celebrated among tea enthusiasts for its intriguing name and the exceptional sensory experience it provides with every steep.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea
Origin: Guangdong province, China
Caffeine: MEDIUM


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