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Promo Sampler

I loved it, the strawberry mint is fabulous and the tea strainer is so cute. I use it every day. I am looking forward to trying other flavors!

We have been shipping this tea as a gift for years, and our family LOVES it.

Very helpful

I love the teas. The tea strainer works very well. I thought I wouldn't continue with my monthly sample, and I might not because I LOVE the Strawberry/Mint tea and could drink that all day. I make ice tea and add a cup of this in my ice tea. Very tasteful. I am going to continue with the samples every months and, actually, am grateful to be able to have samples to taste. This is a great gift for a tea lover..

Simply. Amazing.

This was exactly what I was looking for.! If you're looking to get started and have no idea what you're doing, this is a good place to start! I recommend this sampler kit and any of their others teas to everyone interested.

Cherry tea

Wonderful flavor and exactly what I've been searching for - a non green tea with hints of cherry

Unexpectedly great

I was skeptical when I read the list of ingredients but this quickly became my favorite tea. It is so smooth and soothing. Good to drink anytime of day or evening.

Sleepy Time

Love the flavors of this tea.. really does calm you before bed.

My husband loves it

During the initial pandemic my husband and I had to cuts some financial corners. The 1st think my husband did was buy inexpensive tea. I was looking for tea for myself and thought I would also buy a tea my husband may like. He does not like tea that has many additives, such a flower petals or fruit in it. I bought the Everest Breakfast for him to try. He loved it! I bought a monthly subscription of the tea for him.

Promo Sampler

I love it. The strainer is so adorable and functional. The 4 teas I received are lovely. I'll definitely be a future customer

Only Earl Grey I've ever liked - and I love it.

I've tried to like Earl Grey, as any self-respecting Star Trek fan should. But I always thought it tasted like tea with machine oil. Nasty. Until I got a sample from SLL. It smelled great, so I decided to give it a try. Tastes as good as it smells. I immediately ordered more. It's amazing. A new favorite.

Majority of Teas were Good

Of the teas I have drank I have enjoyed, the blueberry tea was a little weak in flavor, but i enjoyed the honey black tea greatly.

robust Oolong

Tea brews much darker than other oolongs and has a smooth sweet taste. The nose is earthy and reminds me of a darjeeling tea. Wonderful!

Loved it

So yummy!

This is your subtle s'mores tea! A little smokey from the lapsang souchong, a little sweet and almost caramel-like from the marshmallows, not overwhelming cinnamon-y, but present, and just a drop of cocoa flavor. Lovely.

Promotional Starter Sampler Kit - 4x Premium Teas + 1x Tea Strainer


Perfect blend of all flavors in a refreshing and bright green tea

Good tea

Almost all the teas I got were very good. My only complaints are that they are 1/2 oz bags when other subscription boxes offer 1 oz bags for similar prices, and that you really do need 2 teaspoons per cup to get a good cup of tea. I like strong tea and ended up using 3 teaspoons per cup which meant I only got about 2 cups of each kind. In the end it equaled out to about $2 per cup of tea. The customer service is exceptional, though, and I love that the company employs those with disabilities!

Wonderful tea!

I'm pretty new to loose leaf tea and my eyes have been opened. Wonderful fragrance and flavor.

My favorite so far

Empress rajini is going to be a Hallmark tea for me. My personal favorite so far.

Fun change of pace

The arrival of the box of three unique teas super-charged our day. So fun! We had fun trying them throughout the week. Nicely made cloth tea bags arrived also.

Good Early Grey

I really like the sweet orange notes in it. Would be really good as iced tea as well.


Really delicious especially with milk and honey. Reminded me of the Swiss Fog tea drink.

Great tea

I bought 6 different types of tea and this was one of them. The only regret is I bought 4 ounces each instead of 1 ounce and and freshness will be key in the end. My bad

Simply delicious

Probably my favorite green tea I've tried!

Morning pick me up

I add just a touch of lemon and it puts me in the best place to conquer the day!