Jasmine Green Tea - Green Tea - Medium Caffeine - Light & Fresh

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Jasmine Green offers an experience that is not what you'll expect at first glance. While this tea is perhaps as close to a straight green tea as you can get without actually being a straight green tea, it is not a simple cup to drink. The first scent you'll experience when you smell this tea will be the jasmine scent in this tea.

Compared to other teas we feature this tea is a very lightly scented green tea and really focuses more on the green tea than anything we've added. That said, the light jasmine scent and the fresh vegetal notes of this tea pull you into a memory of fresh spring flowers in the meadow. Enjoy this tea neat or with a small amount of raw cane sugar.

Ingredients: Jasmine Special Grade Green Tea

Customer Reviews

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Ross (Pennsylvania)

Really great tea. Lots of caffeine

I love Jasmine

This Jasmine tea is a lovely, smooth, and aromatic tea. Jasmine tea was one of the first teas that made me fall in love with tea so a good brew of Jasmine is a staple in my tea collection. The only thing this one is missing is real Jasmine blossoms, that is always a well-appreciated feature to a Jasmine tea.

Best Jasmine tea I've ever had

I got this Jasmine tea in a subscription box and I was totally blown away. It is, by far, the most fragrant smelling jasmine tea I've ever had the pleasure to smell. It smells so fresh and clean and floral. So often I am disappointed by how a tea tastes vs how it smells. But that is definitely not the case for this tea. It is as smooth and flavorful as it smells! So glad to see it in stock now.

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