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Tea Tasting Subscription
Michaella W. (Massachusetts)
Lovely tea

These teas where just lovely. Amazing body and aroma.

Love my Blood Orange

If you like a light refreshing taste that is smooth with blood orange flavor. I find it wonderful for break time.

3 Mo Tea Gift (Non-Renewing)
Kimber K. (Minnesota)

Great stuff!


I enjoy the different options. Thank you! I’ll definitely try to recommend you guys to others if someone asks about tea.

Delicious and Caffeine Free

I love this tea - it is my favorite caffeine-free tea now. I usually am not a big fan of Rooibos, but paired with the vanilla and bergamot it is really amazing.

Nice flavor

Nice flavor for brewed ice tea.


I just love this tea! Refreshing and delicious!

Love it!

I order about 10 different teas and I loved this one so much I drink it almost every day! Love the low caffeine content as well.

Excellent tea. One of the best!

Fantastic Gift

Only just getting started, but excited for what's in store! Have loved opening a new flavor each week!

Great Tea Nice Variety

Love the Lady Earl Grey. Balanced teas that aren’t too sweet.

Tea Tasting Subscription
Angela P. (Indiana)
April Review

I love all of your teas! I do much prefer black tea and would love to see more black teas in my box! Thank you :)

Tea Samples

I really like the tea strainer. Was very surprised with some of the tea samples. I would have not bought them like the Strawberry Coconut green tea but I love this tea. The teas smell wonderful and taste wonderful too.

wish you could pick your teas

I am generally quite happy with the selections but every once in a while there is one I am not wild about. On the flip side, there are some I love and wish I could request.

Love it.

I love the lemony flavor. Such a perfect blend of herbs. Love it hot and cold.

Sweet hibiscus

Light and flavorful

A great introduction!

I loved all 4 teas in my kit. The best part was the strainer. It is easy to use, keeps all the tea inside for most teas, and is cute, too!


This has become a favorite of mine! It has a smooth delicious flavor and is very tasty! A great morning tea!

Good to the morning

Has a a pleasant smoky flavor. Enjoyable.

Very citrusy.

I liked the flavor. I’ll drink this a lot

Light and tangy. Good w one sweetener

Great tasting tea

Awesome tea!!! I just love your herbal teas, planning on ordering more of the same.

Tangy and Tasty

If you like citrus flavored tea, you will like this. It has a nice tang and a good black tea flavor.

Campfire with smores

This is like a summer campfire, complete with smores! It's a tiny bit smoky with chocolate and sweet notes from the marshmallow. It's a bit sweet for everyday but a nice treat.

Great tasting tea

I loved it, ordering more!!!