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How Gifts Works

How much tea we'll send

Your gift giver will have chosen either two teas, three teas, or four teas for your monthly box

1/2 ounce in each sample

Each sample of tea is for a 1/2 oz, 14g, of dry loose leaf tea

Share with Us What You'll Enjoy

We offer a Variety Box, Herbal Box, Black Box, and Green Box.  We can switch your box, just ask.

If you're not finding what you love

If a membership isn't "Your cup of tea" we can convert the remainder of your membership into a gift card allowing you to order specific teas.

Would you like to claim your gift account?

With the permission of your gift giver, we can move the gifted membership to your account.  Just provide us with your information and the gift giver's information below.

We'll then reach out to both of you to confirm, and then get you set up to manage your gift membership.  You'll then receive tracking information and review requests directly.