The Perfect Tea Lover's Gift
We, the Flocks siblings, started Simple Loose Leaf because we wanted a tea experience that wouldn't make us feel bad for not knowing what teas we like and don't like.  We started Simple Loose Leaf to help others learn what they ❤️ and what isn't their "cup of tea".
Simple Loose Leaf is more about an experience of tea and not just another cup of tea.  Because a cup of tea comes and goes, but tea times spent with those we love are what make great memories.


Life is already complicated without adding shipping to a subscription.  We prefer a simple approach to life.  Free Domestic Shipping on all Tea Sample Subscriptions.


We're literally a family.  We, the Flocks siblings, started and run Simple Loose Leaf together everyday.  We care because we're the ones talking to you everyday.


Never get renewal surprise.  We send you an email 3 days before a subscription renews so if you need to make changes to your account it can get taken care of.